Issue status, e.g. Open, In Progress, Done. Status can be set at the issue level, or note level. Is status is not set at the issue, the status of the last note is considered to be the status of the issue.

If issue status done attribute is set to true it means that the issue outcome has been achieved and:

  • Issues which require this issue can be worked on.
  • Releases and features which this issue is planned for and contributes to are considered to be available unless there other not yet done issues.

Note that an issue can be completed (remaining effort and cost are zero) but not done, e.g. it may be cancelled.



If true, indicates that the issue in this status is successfully completed and issues requiring is are now workable. Issue can be completed (completion = 1), but not done, e.g. it can be cancelled.

Type EBoolean
Cardinality 0..1
Changeable true
Derived false

Issues in this status.

Type Issue
Cardinality 0..*
Changeable false
Derived true
Opposite status