Load specification

Type EObject

If this reference is not set then EObjectActionProvider creates a new Action using AppFactory in newAction() method. If this reference is set and is Action then a copy of the action is created and returned. Otherwise the reference value it is adapted to ActionProvider which is used to create an action. This allows to merge actions and chain action generation. E.g. generate Ecore model documentation and merge it into the Engineering documentation.


Type Aim
Default true

Aim to which the containing element, e.g. endeavor aligns.

Type Property
Homogenous true

Map entries

Type EString

Description in HTML.

Type EObject

Element documentation, e.g. Markdown documentation.

Type EString

Element path is typically used as a key (EKey) in a containing collection.

Type Representation
Homogenous true

Pluggable representations of a model element, e.g. a component diagram for modules.

Type NamedElement

Resources associated with the element, e.g. documentation.

Type Document
Homogenous true

Sections for model element documentation.

Type TableOfContents
Homogenous true
Strict containment true

Table of contents configuration.


Type EString

If element’s URI is not set then its default value is derived from the container URI and containment reference. This is a logical URI and it can be used for cross-referencing of elements in a resource-independent fashion.

Type EString

Optional unique identifier for this model element. For root objects UUID is used to compute URI, if the URI is not set.

Type EDouble

Alignment weight can be used with Objective and KeyResult aims to indicate how much the containing endeavor contributes to completion of the aim.