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Uri engineering://nasdanika/modules/engineering/issues/diagramming
Target Engineering
Diagramming model - PlantUML is the first generation target. mxGraph is the next - option to specify layout and merge updates with manually laid out diagrams - match by ID (URI digest), update only the semantic part if found. Delete if no match, some primitive layout for new - below all or similar to text wrapping - grow proportionally. First, validate compatibility of mxGraph-produced output with draw.io - mxGraph is end of life, but it is ostensibly used by draw.io If no compatibility - a primitive XML-based output - don't need much functionality. Longer-term potentially - diagram editing plug-in for Eclipse. Two levels of draw.io support: a) Token expansion on hand-crafted diagrams - decompress, expand tokens, re-compress and embed - handle at the core. b) Generation of (initial) diagrams and merging of changes - handle at its own product, try to leverage mxGraph. Support of Mermaid output.