Origin ncore/engineering.yml 16:5
Uri engineering://nasdanika/modules/core/modules/ncore/issues/git-marker
Target Ncore
Extends Marker. Method to NcoreUtil to scan a model and replace Markers with GitMarkers leveraging jGit. Method takes Web UI URL computer function - Git provider specific - GitHub uses path, Bitbucket query parameters. Origin(s), references, author, date, commit, blame - line number author. A way to compute line range for an object - from own marker to the next sibling marker. Shall be done at YAML lavel, maybe too involved. Info dialog in the UI showing Git info. Remotes, origin remote is a special case. Or take the first remote and use it as the property label. Analyze whether Marker is GitMarker at the time of injection to EObject. Another option is to handle it at even lower level - YAML/persistence. Would need GitMarker interface and impl. class at that level as well. Optional behavior, true by default - may slow down loading, but should be worth it. Can be used for (remote) branch-specific publishing, e.g. origin/branches/master or origin/branches/tags/rel-1.0