A model element which can contain a Marker pointing to the source from which the element was loaded. When model elements are loaded from YAML with Nasdanika EMF Persistence markers are injected into model elements which implement Marked. If model sources are under Git version control then the model loader can be configured to use org.nasdanika.emf.persistence.GitMarkerFactory to create GitMarker instead of Marker to capture Git-specific information such as branch, commit ID, and remotes.



Markers pointing to where this model element was loaded from - location, line and column numbers. Multiple markers are supported for situations when a single model element is loaded from multiple locations, e.g. a row in an Excel document or a database and then pom.xml and readme.md is a source repository. Another possiblity is an element being created from a prototype and then loaded - in this case the object will inherit markers from its prototype and will have a marker point to the location where it was loaded from. Markers are listed in the reverse order, i.e. the prototype marker would be after the load marker in the list.

Type Marker
Cardinality 0..*
Changeable true
Derived false