Type selectors

Origin emf/engineering.yml 25:7
Uri engineering://nasdanika/modules/core/modules/emf/issues/type-selectors
Target EMF
Currently homogenous reference type can be selected based on configuration type - map, list, ... Extend this capability to allow to introspect config and select element type based on config content, not just type. For example, if issue config map has github-issue key then instead of Issue an instance of GitHubIssue shall be created. One way is to keep the existing functionality for type mapping and add selector type key with value of a list for a single entry map. List elements would be maps with config-type (map, ...), element-type (EClass - string or map with EPackage and Eclass names), and selector or different selectors which can be jxpath (https://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-jxpath/), JavaScript, etc. For GitHubIssue it would be something like { config-type: map; element-type: GitHubIssue; path: }